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The ARCC Programs experience is best told through our past students and their parents. We receive countless emails, letters, and phone calls from students and parents telling us about their incredible ARCC experience; each one represents a student whose life has changed by traveling with ARCC. We are thrilled to share their comments.

“It was a great experience that changed my perception of the rest of the world.”

— Matt L., ARCC Student

“This trip helped me learn more about who I am through the activities I took part in, the new experiences that I learned from and the friends that I will never forget. Thanks for a great summer!”

— Zoe T., ARCC Student

“This trip honestly made such a positive impact on my life through service, risk-taking, and exploring one of the most unique places on Earth.”

— Anonymous

“Daniel seemed to mature and become more independent as a result of the trip. He seems more sure of himself.”

— Parent of Daniel C., Bethesda, MD

“There is nothing cooler than exploring a country and then giving back to the land and people there to thank them for the adventure.”

— Jessica W., Vernon Hills, IL, ARCC Student

“Besides experiencing the beautiful scenery and touring the cities of Ecuador and the Galapagos, I had the opportunity to make a change and live in a community where I could see the impact that my work was making…ARCC gave me a new perspective on what’s important in life.”

— Mina B., San Francisco, CA, ARCC Student

“One of the greatest trips I have ever taken. I will never forget the people and good times.”

— George S., ARCC Student

“This trip was a blast! I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

— Katie R-D., ARCC Student

“He had a great time. The leaders were organized, well trained, lots of fun and
knowledgeable. The group worked well.”

— Parent of Jay L.

“The Hawaii Service was a great trip with the perfect mixture between the
helpful community service and exciting adventures through the Hawaiian Islands.”

— Hannah S., ARCC Student

“The Hawaii Service program was the best two weeks of my life. I saw the island
from the native Hawaiian point of view. This is an experience I will never
forget. ”

— Katie N., Cos Cob, CT

“I can’t say enough about what great trips your group plans for teens. I think
including so much community service is so important for teens. We have made
these trips a priority financially and I wish other people would realize it is
much better to spend money on kids this way instead of so many electronics,
clothes, or….. ”

— Parent of Dmitry B., Seaview, WA

“Both leaders were excellent. A large part of the success of the trip is due to
the leader’s and from Dylan’s first introduction in San Francisco throughout the
entire trip his leaders displayed genuine enthusiasm, maturity and many other
qualities which served to make this Dylan’s best trip yet.”

— Parent of Dylan B., Blue Bell, PA

“Dylan had the time of his life!!! Great combination of fun and work…it was his
first time camping and he LOVED it. You did a great job getting them all bonded
and working like a team!!”

— Parent of Dylan S.

“All the stars were aligned regarding Hillary’s ARCC experience…the counselors,
the kids, the location, the experiences, the weather, the onsite staff, the

— Parent of Hillary H.

“I really loved the kids and I want to get involved with my local Boys and Girls

— Beaumont D., Paris, France

“The Hawaii Service trip took me to the real Hawaii, not just the Hawaii people
see on TV. It was so worth it! ”

— Parent of Kassidy S., Somers, NY

“ARCC changed my life. It taught me things about myself that I would never have
learned. The counselors were phenomenal, the experience unimaginable. Thanks

— Carl E., ARCC Student

“This is a great way to meet new people, try new things, work hard, and have fun
the entire time.”

— Matthew S., ARCC Student

“Thomas absolutely loved everyone minute of his trip…I can truly say that this
trip changed Thomas and gave a brand new perspective of what his life can
be…Thank you for giving our children extraordinary human experiences.”

— Parent of Thomas R.

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