Meet the Team

Sophie Ramirez

Sophie is Mexican American, born in Colorado and raised in Mexico; she brings a unique perspective to our diverse group. With a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biochemistry from Colorado College and minors in French and Music, she is passionate about exploring the world and connecting with people from different cultures. Sophie also pursued a Master’s of Science in Molecular Chemistry at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France. This global academic pursuit allowed her to immerse herself in diverse cultures and embrace the beauty of our interconnected world.

Throughout her college years, Sophie actively sought opportunities to travel abroad and immerse herself in nature’s wonders. Her passion for education and exploration has flourished from courses and research grants in France, South Africa, and Germany to leading language instruction for college students and non-traditional immigrants. Sophie also had the incredible privilege of serving as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and a current Virtual Volunteer in Morocco, mentoring youth through sports clubs and facilitating life skills and career development workshops. These experiences have shaped her profoundly, deepening my commitment to teaching and mentoring.

As a member of the ARCC team, Sophie has led programs in South America, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Northwest, Australia, & Fiji. Each journey has added to her rich tapestry of educational and travel experiences.