High School Summer Travel Programs with Unique Destination

Written by: ARCC Staff

High school summer travel programs are an experience of a lifetime for teens. They also provide a wealth of benefits. Our students immerse in new cultures, gain historical perspective, and lend a helpful hand on meaningful service projects. High school participants not only get a broader vision of the world but can help impact it for the better.

ARCC offers programs to incredible places around the globe; from popular destinations like Thailand and Australia to more unique, lesser-known locales that offer vibrant, rare experiences.

Here are 5 unique destinations for high school summer travel programs:


Protect reefs and rainforests on a summer service program to the gorgeous tropical islands of Bali and Sumatra.

The Service Project: (35 hours of community service)
Discover first hand how we as humans can help ensure a healthier planet for the future by working alongside wildlife and National Park rangers to revive an important orangutan habitat and joining marine biologists to restore coral reef ecosystems.

The Fun
Fun and learning are combined by earning your SCUBA certificate diving among coral reefs. Students will also explore Bali’s gorgeous landscapes, waterfalls, diverse ecosystems, float down the Bohorok River through pristine rainforest, and walk through the sacred temples and colorful markets in Ubud.

The Learning
Learn about endangered Sumatran orangutans and discover wild orangutans in their natural habitat. Experience the unique culture of Bali. Find out about the local and global effects of palm oil plantations, illegal poaching, and mass deforestation.

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Experience two vastly different cultures and feel transported back in time visiting the ancient cities of Sevilla, Madrid, Tangier, Marrakech, and Chefchaouen. Enjoy the misty Mediterranean breeze and learn how the past has influenced today on our Spain and Morocco Cultural Immersion program.

The Service Project: (15 hours of community service)
Join a Berber community high in the Atlas Mountains as it works towards sustainable agriculture and equality for women. Help with daily chores and engage in conversations about voting.

The Fun
Experience the explosion of flavor Morocco has to offer, with the richest spices. Learn flamenco dancing and how to prepare famed Spanish dishes like paella and tapas. Shop the ancient Medina of the enchanting blue city of Chefchaouen and bask in the sun on the Mediterranean.

The Learning
Practice “real” Andalusian Spanish wandering the streets of Madrid and Sevilla interacting with locals. Meet with the Spanish coast guard who works hard to process the greatest number of refugees in Europe. 

In Morocco, you won’t just find out if camels really spit. You’ll learn how to make traditional Moroccan foods with a host family, compare hundreds of years of religious and ethnic impact, and understand first hand the needs of Northern African communities. 

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Cuba is a Caribbean island that still feels untouched by the outside world, which makes it a great place to not only explore and learn but also to make an impact.

The Service Project: (30 hours of community service)
Cuba has universal health care and high-level medical training, producing some of the best doctors in Latin America. Yet, many Cubans still lack access to necessary medical supplies. Necessities like ibuprofen and antibiotics can be in short supply. In this program, students will learn about and explore Cuba’s health care system and deliver medical supplies to families and clinics in need. Students will also help out in a group medical home for disabled youth, improving living conditions for the resident patients.

The Fun
Explore colorful Old Havana from the back of a 1950’s Cadillac. Bury your toes in white sand beaches. Snorkel among tropical reefs. Experience the delicious Cuban food and dance to Latin music.

The Learning
Meet with a University of Havana professor to learn about Cuba’s past and future. Experience cultural immersion with help from our gracious community hosts.

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If you’ve ever wanted to go on safari and help communities in need, Kenya and Tanzania are extraordinary destinations. Bring power to those without electricity. See giraffes and elephants up close, and experience the wonderful culture of the Maasai people.

The Service Project: (30 hours of community service)
Become aware of how a lack of electricity limits potential income and school hours as well as creates safety and health risks for people throughout Kenya. You’ll help to enrich lives by building and installing solar power in rural Maasai homes without electricity and volunteer in a public health initiative at a community clinic.

The Fun
A visit  to the spice island of Zanzibar includes swimming in its tropical waters, exploring the labyrinth of Stone Town, and enjoying pristine beaches. A trip to Kenya wouldn’t be complete without a multi-day safari to get up close with giraffes and elephants at an animal refuge.

The Learning
Learn Swahili and experience the indigenous way of life with the Maasai people and get a deeper look at wildlife conservation while on safari at an animal sanctuary.

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Travel to Vietnam and Cambodia – a region rich in culture, history, and beauty – to help bring clean water to locals. Despite the abundance of water in Southeast Asia, access to clean water is limited. This teen summer program helps Vietnamese and Cambodian villages in need.

The Service Project: (35 hours of community service)
Due to lack of infrastructure, nearly half of Cambodia does not have access to clean drinking water. On this trip, take part in helping to improve health and access to water by constructing and installing clean water filters in rural village homes. 

You’ll also enjoy working at a school created by a local for children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to education. Help support the school by teaching English and building safe playgrounds for the students. 

The Fun
Sample flavorful curries and visit ornate temples. Visit a UNESCO world heritage site and see the world-famous floating cities. Kayak into hidden lagoons and untouched beaches. See the ancient world wonder of Angkor Wat, and float down the Mekong on a boat at sunset.

The Learning
Retrace the history of the Khmer Rouge Era and discover how to bargain in the famous Siem Reap Night Market. Learn about water-borne illnesses, prevention, and public health.

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Our Southeast Asia: Grassroots Initiatives Program also travels to Vietnam and Cambodia in addition to exploring Thailand. Learn more about high school summer travel programs to Southeast Asia here.

ARCC has many other unique and beautiful program destinations. Projects focus on cultural immersion, service, conservation, and sustainability. To explore more teen summer travel program destinations, click here.


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