How to Apply for Our
Summer Programs

ARCC is currently accepting applications for Summer 2024. Programs fill up quickly! We encourage you to begin this process as early as possible.

ARCC offers 21 different summer programs on six continents. All of our programs are designed for students who are engaged, motivated and excited for new experiences. Whether it’s working side by side with local community members on a construction project, learning how to SCUBA dive, or helping to protect endangered sea turtles, ARCC students are often faced with exciting new challenges and opportunities for growth during these summer programs. All ARCC programs are designed to be fun, educational and meaningful.

While ARCC Summer programs accommodate students completing 7th to 12th grades – not all programs are available for all ages. Some programs are open only to high school students finishing 9th to 12th grades. When we do have programs with a broader mix of ages, we try to place students in groups only with comparably aged peers. Each age group has a unique itinerary and, other than the first and last days of a program, younger and older groups rarely see one another.

How it Works

ARCC is currently accepting applications for Summer 2024. Programs fill up quickly! We encourage you to begin this process as early as possible.


Submit an Online Application (Enroll)

Once you have determined that ARCC is the right program for your student, you will need to fill out the Online Application. You can access the ARCC Online Application by clicking here or the blue “Enroll Now” button to the right or on the top menu of the page. In the Online Application you will be able to list your trip preferences, let us know if you will be traveling with a friend, etc.


Reserve Your Space with an $800 Deposit

In order to confirm your interest in the program, you will need to submit payment information for an $800 deposit. This deposit will tentatively hold your space on the program, subject to submission of your initial forms. The easiest and fastest way to submit the deposit is with a credit card. You may also pay with a debit card, e-check, or physical check. If you opt to pay the deposit with a physical check, your student’s spot is not secured until ARCC has received the check in the mail. We will automatically run the deposit after we receive your application. If your student is not accepted in the program, or there is no space on their selected program, we can refund your deposit.


We Will Contact You to Confirm Availability

Once we receive your Online Application, a Summer Director will attempt to contact your family to confirm that there are still openings on your first choice of programs and to answer any additional questions you might have.


Complete Initial Forms & Personal Reference

After the deposit has been received and program space is confirmed, you will have two weeks to complete the initial paperwork. This includes three online forms, one mental health form, and a personal reference. 

Mental Health Form: This may require some additional information from a mental health professional, depending on your mental health history.

Personal Reference Form: This is only needed if you are new to ARCC (alumni students do not need to submit a reference). 

Once your paperwork is complete, we will review the forms and follow up if necessary. When your paperwork is accepted, you are fully enrolled on the program!


Submit Final Payment and Forms

Final payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. Please note that students may only participate in an ARCC program after final payment is received and all trip forms are submitted and approved.