Shaping the programs for the upcoming season

Meet Our
Entire Team

Full-Time Staff

Throughout the year, ARCC full-time staff members are shaping the programs for the upcoming season. This group of former trip leaders, educators, world travelers, triathletes, and moms and dads, spend their days orchestrating and arranging the hundreds and hundreds of details necessary to operate ARCC programs in some of the most remote locations on earth. Custom, Gap and Summer Directors spend thousands of hours planning the programs in intimate detail so that our Program Leaders and Gap Instructors can focus their attention on their students, instead of on trip logistics. Directors are your “go to” resources when you have questions about specific trips or programs. They are fully involved with staff hiring, staff training, and trip support when programs are in the field. They are all united by their love of travel and adventure, and the desire to create positive experiences for young people.

George Hoch

Executive Director

Mara Isbell

Admissions Director & Staffing Coordinator

Topher Silvia

Business Operations & Finance Manager

Amy Coolidge

Summer Director

Brent Anderson

Senior Summer Director
Equipment Manager

Marisa Abrahams

Summer Director

Alex Morton

Gap Director

Emily Rosser

Senior Gap Director

Ali Meighan

Director of Custom Programming

James DiRosa

Custom Program Coordinator

Karissa Rhoads

Marketing Associate

Program Leaders

ARCC Program Leaders are exceptional people of extraordinary character and experience. They are enthusiastic about serving others, travel, adventure, and most importantly, helping teenagers thrive. A job at ARCC is a coveted position. As a result, we are able to handpick experienced, energetic, fun, capable and mature individuals to lead our programs. Our extremely competitive hiring process ensures ARCC students receive the finest quality leadership in the industry. ARCC Trip Leaders inspire, motivate, and set a positive example that lasts far beyond the summer’s end.