Bali & Sumatra

Protecting Reefs & Rainforests


*Airfare for group flight from New York additional

20 days

Trip duration

9th – 12th


20 days

July 1 - July 20, 2024

New York, NY

Arrival & Departure



20 days

Trip duration

July 1 - July 20, 2024

9th – 12th


*Airfare for group flight from New York additional


Throughout our exploration of Bali and Sumatra, we have the chance to investigate and gain a first-hand understanding of global environmental issues while discovering two incredibly beautiful islands of Indonesia. The island of Sumatra contains one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and is the only place in the world where orangutans, rhinos, tigers, and elephants all live together. Work alongside wildlife biologists and Park Rangers from Gunung Leuser National Park and learn about the local and global effects of palm oil plantations, illegal poaching, and mass deforestation. Lend a hand in preserving this incredible ecosystem and restoring healthy orangutan habitat before it disappears.  Team up with marine biologists and a local NGO in Bali to work on reef restoration. Earn your Open Water SCUBA certification while gaining insight into the issues impacting our oceans and how we can help protect these vital waters. Bring our program to a bittersweet close by exploring local waterfalls, ancient temples, and the spiritually diverse city of Ubud.


  • See Wild Sumatran Orangutans in their Natural Habitat
  • Work with a Local NGO to Help Restore Lifesaving Orangutan Habitat
  • Earn Your SCUBA Certification While You Explore the Colorful Reefs of North Bali
  • Trek Through the Pristine Rainforest of Sumatra’s Gunung Leuser National Park
  • Work with Marine Biologists to Study and Restore Important Coral Reef Ecosystems
  • Experience the Unique Culture of Bali, The “Island of Gods”
  • 20 Hours of Service-Learning

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Explore Two of Indonesia’s Most Beautiful Islands

Visit Sumatra, known for its rugged landscape, rare wildlife, and rich culture. Experience the spirituality of Bali, the “Island of the Gods,” spattered with terraced rice paddies, a rainforest filled with ancient Hindu temples, and colorful street markets. Explore the famous Monkey Forest of Ubud and its Hindu temples to gain an insight into the importance of religion throughout Bali. Sample delicious foods while exploring these islands from coast to jungle!


See Wild Orangutans in Their Natural Habitat

Trek through the pristine rainforest of Sumatra’s Gunung Leuser National Park with rangers, who skillfully track Sumatran Orangutan so we catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures. Learn about the plight of the orangutans and witness them in the wild before working with a local NGO to restore their declining habitat. Help create “green corridors” and convert illegal palm oil plantations into suitable habitats for Orangutans through our “Orangutan Habitat Restoration Project.” Collect and plant wild seedlings, work in the tree nursery, check on camera traps, and plant hundreds of native trees to help ensure the survival of the Sumatran Orangutan.


SCUBA Dive and Give Back to the Reef

Explore the aquatic world as you earn your Open Water or Advanced Open Water SCUBA certification. Once certified, join local and international marine biologists working hard to restore the crucial reef ecosystems of Northern Bali. Learn about the reasons behind the decline of coral reefs and how to propagate new corals that are resistant to bleaching and disease. Help build and install “artificial reef structures” which improve marine abundance and biodiversity. Gain insight into the issues facing our oceans and how we as humans can help ensure a healthier planet for the future.


Common Questions

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Each trip has a specific packing list that has been designed to fit the program’s activities, length, climate and cultural differences. The packing lists are refined each year and will be included in the Pre-Trip Welcome Packet.

Through various travels throughout Southeast Asia ARCC has been able to make strong relationships with local organizations and communities to provide meaningful community service projects in both Bali & Sumatra. On this program, we participate in two major service projects, an Orangutan Habitat Restoration project and a Reef Conservation Project in Northern Bali. Working with our Orangutan NGO partners we help restore illegal palm oil plantations to healthy orangutan habitats by collecting wild seedlings, working in the nursery, and planting hundreds of native trees that will help provide much-needed habitat for the Sumatran Orangutan. Our second project takes us to the coast where we work with marine biologists to understand the plight of our oceans. With solution-oriented thinking, we will lend a hand with efforts such as beach cleanups, coral planting, and building artificial reef structures.

Indonesia is a relatively clean and safe place to travel. However, ARCC does recommend that you take some health precautions before your trip to Indonesia. When you enroll in the program, you will receive more complete information on pertinent travel vaccinations and immunizations. Please also refer to the Traveler’s Health section of the CDC website. Our leaders carry a full first aid kit, and are all certified Wilderness First Responders (WFR).

During this program we sleep in a variety of accommodations: hotels, rustic camping shelters, a jungle lodge, and dorm-style bungalows.

We use a variety of transportation on the Bali & Sumatra program. We travel by private buses and vans arranged by our in-country partner.

The Indonesian archipelago actually stretches across four time zones, however during our visit we will only be traveling two different time zones. During their time in Sumatra the students will be 11 hours ahead of New York (Eastern Time), 12 hours ahead of Chicago (Central Time), and 14 hours ahead San Francisco (Pacific Time). When we travel to the southern island of Bali we will cross into a new time zone which adds one additional hour making Bali 12, 13, 15 hours ahead the U.S, respectively.

Although you will not be doing traditional backpacking on this program, it is important that you bring a backpack as your main piece of luggage. During the program, the group will be navigating through airports, on and off buses, up and down stairways, and taking short hikes on unpaved paths. Everyone must be able to carry all of their own belongings which is more comfortable and efficient with a backpack.

We have the chance to live amongst some people who have the very basics for survival. With education being a tool to better their lives, basic school supplies are welcomed with open arms. Pens, pencils, notepads, and books are widely accepted. Sporting equipment such as soccer balls, volleyballs, and badminton are also an incredible way to cross the cultural border and share smiles. Because of limited space on our vehicles, ARCC would ask that every person bring no more than a gym bag of goods to donate

Have questions? Speak to one of our Program Directors, give them a call at (415) 332.5075 , they love talking about their trips!

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