Secrets of the Sacred Valley


Airfare for group flight from Miami additional

14 Days

Trip duration

9th – 12th


14 Days

June 27 - July 10, 2024

Miami, FL

Arrival & Departure



14 Days

Trip duration

June 27 - July 10, 2024

9th – 12th


Airfare for group flight from Miami additional


Explore a land bursting with ancient wonders of the world, friendly people, and living history. Immerse yourself in the daily life of a Quechuan community member, working hand-in-hand with the community to learn about sustainable agriculture. Board a scenic train that zig-zags through the lush hillsides and snow-capped peaks of the Peruvian Andes. Exploring the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, at sunrise. Witness the mesmerizing archaeological ruins perched high above the valley and visit remote villages once inhabited by the Incas. Explore the labyrinth of cobblestone streets filled with colorful goods and smiling people. Bike downhill along the shore of the Urubamba River and hike the famous geological wonder, Rainbow Mountain. Discover all this and more as you unlock Peru’s hidden treasures and journey through the world-renowned Sacred Valley on this unique summer program.


  • Explore the Breathtaking Vistas of Machu Picchu, an Ancient Wonder of the World
  • Hike the Colorful Ridges of the Famous Rainbow Mountain
  • Walk in the Footsteps of the Incas in the Famed Sacred Valley
  • Wander the Historical Ruins and Cobblestone Streets of Ollantaytambo and Cusco
  • Live in an Andean Community and Try Your Hand at Traditional Ceramics
  • Get a Bird’s-Eye View Scaling and Via Ferrata, Descending by Zipline
  • Experience Age-Old Peruvian Farming Techniques
  • Learn to Cook Authentic Peruvian Dishes Alongside a Professional Chef

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Explore Machu Picchu

Check an item off your bucket list by exploring one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. Board a scenic train that winds its way through the Andes mountain range along the Urubamba. Walk among some of the most spectacular archaeological sites on the planet and learn about the long history of Inca influence throughout the region! Also known as the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu is a labyrinth of mysterious stone palaces, towers, and temples.



Experience the Unique & Colorful Culture

See the Spanish colonial city of Cusco. Explore the city’s intricate array of cobblestone streets on a walking tour. From bright tapestries to warm, friendly greetings everywhere you go, Peruvian culture is one of the highlights of any adventure to Peru. Visit a traditional Quechuan Village and try your hand working in the fields of various high-altitude crops. Immerse yourself in local communities, try your hand at cooking traditional Peruvian cuisine, and participate in a Pago a la Tierra ceremony.


Exhilarating Adventure

From exploring the ancient ruins and cobblestoned streets of Ollantaytambo to ascending a mountainside via Ferrata and descending by zipline, Peru is full of incredible adventures! Practice your Spanish through conversations with our local hosts. Dive into Peruvian gastronomy by studying under professionally trained chefs to learn the flavors, spices, and methods that set Peruvian cuisine apart. Mountain bike along the gentle bends of the Urubamba River valley and take in the spectacular views.


Common Questions

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Each program has a specific packing list that has been designed to fit the program’s activities, length, climate and cultural differences. This thorough list will be made available in the Pre-Trip Welcome Packet.

ARCC has three main foci when creating our programs. Peru: Secrets of the Sacred Valley is a cultural immersion program in which we commit our time to activities that give us the opportunity to experience an array of experiences within this dynamic country. Therefore, this program does not include community service.

Peru is a relatively clean and safe place to travel. However, ARCC does recommend that you take some health precautions before your trip. When you enroll in the program, you will receive more complete information on pertinent travel vaccinations and immunizations. Please also refer to the Traveler’s Health section of the CDC website. Our leaders carry a full first aid kit, and are all certified Wilderness First Responders (WFR).

During this program, we sleep in a variety of accommodations: simple hotels, hostels, homestays, and a village community house.

No. US Citizens do not need a visa for this program.

Peru is GMT-5 which is the same as Central Time in the USA.

Although you will not be doing traditional backpacking on this program, it is important that you bring a backpack or duffel with should straps as your main piece of luggage. During the program, the group will be navigating through airports, on and off buses, up and down stairways, and taking short hikes on unpaved paths. Everyone must be able to carry all of their own belongings which is more comfortable and efficient with a backpack.

No. You will be able to participate in all the activities even if you do not speak any Spanish. However, if you study Spanish in school, you will have many opportunities to practice your language skills with the locals you encounter during your program. Having some basic conversational skills will enable you to form stronger bonds with the local people you will be meeting and helping.

We have the chance to live amongst some people who have the very basics for survival. With education being a tool to better their lives, basic school supplies are welcomed with open arms. Pens, pencils, notepads, and books are widely accepted. Soccer balls are also an incredible way to cross the cultural border and share smiles. Because of limited space, ARCC would ask that every person bring no more than a gym bag of goods to donate.

Have questions? Speak to one of our Program Directors, give them a call at (415) 332.5075 , they love talking about their trips!

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