Waves & Wilds


*Airfare for group flight from San Francisco additional

18 days

Trip duration

9th - 12th


18 days

June 27-July 14, 2024

San Francisco, CA

Arrival & Departure



18 days

Trip duration

June 27-July 14, 2024

9th - 12th


*Airfare for group flight from San Francisco additional


Explore Thailand’s Best: Stay in Floating Huts, Dive into Marine Conservation, SCUBA Dive, and More!

Welcome to the “Land of Smiles.” Immerse yourself in serenity while staying in floating huts and participating in marine and wildlife conservation projects. Try thrilling activities like cave exploration and kayaking, and discover sustainable fishing practices. Dive into the mesmerizing world of SCUBA diving*. Snorkel amidst Phang Nga Bay’s stunning vistas and learn about eco-friendly practices on Koh Yao Noi. Uncover the vibrant highlights of Phuket. Thailand’s awe-inspiring experiences await you!

*This program does NOT provide a full SCUBA certification. It is meant as an introductory experience.


  • Let the Sights, Sounds, and Flavors of Thailand Sink in as the “Land of Smiles” Welcomes You
  • Explore the Fascinating World of Hornbill and Mangrove Conservation Through Hands-On Projects like Nest Making and Tree Planting
  • Uncover the Vibrant Highlights of Phuket, a Bustling Hub of Culture, Cuisine, and Natural Beauty
  • Snorkel Your Way Through an Island-Hopping Odyssey Through the Breathtaking Vistas of Phang Nga Bay
  • Escape to the Ultimate Serenity by Spending Nights in Floating Huts Amidst the Pristine Waters of Khao Sok National Park
  • SCUBA Dive in the Mesmerizing Underwater World of Phang Nga Bay
  • Visit a Bycatch Rescue Center to Discover the Vital Principles of Sustainable Fishing Practices and Conservation Efforts
  • 20 Hours of Community Service

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Conservation Projects

Help protect precious marine and avian ecosystems. Get hands-on with projects like crafting hornbill nests and planting mangrove trees, making a real impact on this pristine island. Explore innovative upcycling and waste management practices while connecting with Thai communities.


Cultural Immersion

Engage with local communities, savor authentic Thai cuisine, and participate in traditional rituals. Explore ancient temples, attend cultural performances, and shop at bustling local markets.


Discover SCUBA Diving

Dive into adventure and discover SCUBA diving* in the stunning Phang Nga Bay. Explore the underwater world and experience the thrill of Thailand's underwater paradise. *This program does NOT provide a full SCUBA certification. It is meant as an introductory experience.



Common Questions

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Each program has a specific packing list that has been designed to fit the program’s activities, length, climate, and cultural differences.

Most of Thailand can be described as hot and humid. Daytime temperatures in the summer months usually fall in the mid-80s (26°C), with an average humidity of 66% to 82%.

ARCC has been operating programs in Thailand for many years, and we have built close relationships with a variety of individuals, small communities, and organizations who enjoy hosting ARCC student groups.

Thailand is a relatively clean and safe place to travel. However, ARCC does recommend that you take some health precautions before your trip to Thailand. When you enroll in the program, you will receive more complete information on pertinent travel vaccinations and immunizations. Please also refer to the Traveler’s Health section of the CDC website. Our leaders carry a full first aid kit and are all certified Wilderness First Responders (WFR).

During this program, we mainly sleep in hotels. In Khao Sok National Park we will stay in huts on floating rafts.

We use a variety of transportation in Thailand. We travel by private vans, buses, coaches, and long boats.

We will have the opportunity to sample traditional Thailand cuisine such as noodles (like Pad Thai), curries, spring rolls, and fresh fruits. We will also be taking a cooking class to learn how to cook all of our favorite dishes!

ARCC recommends that you bring an additional $150 of spending money. You should bring this money in the form of cash (small bills are best) and also bring an ATM/debit card with you. Thailand uses the “baht” as currency and there are approximately 34.6 Thai baht for every US $1 (as of Feb. 2023).

As with any international program, we strongly recommend talking to your bank about its international withdrawal policies to avoid any surprise fees or card cancellations.

Yes, all students traveling to Thailand need to have a valid passport. Please make sure the passport expiration date is at least six months after you travel. Passport applications are available at the post office. If you do not already have a passport, you should apply for one as soon as you enroll in this adventure. It normally takes six weeks to process a passport application.

No. US and Canadian citizens do not need a visa for this program (unless you plan on staying in Thailand before or after the program).

All of Thailand falls within a single time zone. While on your program in Thailand, the time will be 11 hours later than New York (Eastern Time), 12 hours later than Chicago (Central Time), and 14 hours later than San Francisco (Pacific Time).

Although you will not be doing traditional backpacking on this program, it is important that you bring a backpack as your main piece of luggage. During the program, the group will be navigating through airports, on and off buses, up and down stairways, and taking short hikes on unpaved paths. The group will be able to move much more efficiently if everyone is carrying their belongings on their back.

We have the chance to live amongst some people who have the very basics for survival. With education being a tool to better their lives, basic school supplies are welcomed with open arms. Pens, pencils, notepads, and books are widely accepted. Soccer balls are also an incredible way to cross the cultural border and share smiles. Because of limited space on our vehicles, ARCC would ask that every person bring no more than a gym bag of goods to donate.

Have questions? Speak to one of our Program Directors, give them a call at (415) 332.5075 , they love talking about their trips!