Meet the Team

Ali Meighan

Director of Custom Programming

After a high school trip to China, Ali became fascinated with travel and experiencing other cultures and has never looked back. This led her to study abroad in China and eventually move there, where she discovered her passion for education. After four years teaching at an international school in Shanghai, she left the classroom to focus on global and experiential education. After some time stateside working at a global youth conference and getting her MA in International Education, she moved back abroad to Thailand where she partnered with schools around the world to design and deliver global programming and led outdoor adventure programs throughout Southeast Asia. She then moved to Australia where she launched and directed a Global Citizenship Center at a K-12 school, working to enhance their global education efforts through student programming, curriculum development, teacher training, and community events. Now back in her home state of New York, Ali is excited to have joined ARCC, where she gets to partner with schools to provide students with one-of-a-kind learning experiences that broaden horizons and push past comfort zones.

What is your favorite place to have visited?

Impossible to choose just one! However (not surprisingly), Asia is my favorite region of the world. The different histories and cultures of the region are fascinating, the people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the food simply cannot be beat, from pho to ramen to khao soi, I could eat Asian noodle soups all day long!

What’s on your bucket list?

Traveling all around Scandinavia to marvel at the Northern Lights and eating and trekking my way through Xinjiang, Tibet, and Nepal.

What are you passionate about?

Knowing that my high school trip abroad 100% changed my life and career trajectory, I am passionate about helping students have similar life-changing travel experiences and become citizens of the world, and ensuring they do so in ethical and sustainable ways. I’m also passionate about art, cooking, continuously learning and growing, and experiencing as much of this big, beautiful world as I can!