Meet the Team

Anne-Marie Poumeau de Lafforest

Anne-Marie was born and raised in France. At seventeen years old, she decided to move to the United States on her own to learn about a different culture and education system. After graduation, she moved to Paris to study business, having always been interested in starting or leading her own nonprofit organization. Since then, she has been fortunate enough to travel widely (she’s visited around thirty countries) and meet individuals worldwide through volunteering, exchange programs, and jobs. Among other things, she’s swung a hammer for Habitat for Humanity in Singapore, taught French to Moroccan girls living in rural villages, volunteered on disaster relief programs in Turkey and Poland, and completed eleven months of service work as an AmeriCorps NCCC Team Leader.
Anne Marie taught herself many random skills, such as reading braille, riding a unicycle, and locating every country on a world map. When she’s not learning about different cultures or traveling, you’ll likely find her trail running or backpacking in the wilderness, cooking for loved ones, or writing postcards to friends and family.
She has led for ARCC programs in Arizona, Spain, Morocco, and Hawaii. Before she started with ARCC, Anne-Marie led programs in Panama and Costa Rica with Outward Bound, backpacked through South America, and completed a 16-day Coast-to-Coast hike across Costa Rica.