Meet the Team

Eli Fisher

Eli first found ARCC as a freshman in high school when he participated in ARCC’s Rocky Mountain Leadership Summer Program. His passion for the outdoors and adventure ignited, he spent his college years at Oberlin, yet continued his explorations via semesters spent in Peru and India. Upon graduation from Oberlin, Eli received a 2-year fellowship to teach university-level English in Indonesia, which not only allowed him to become conversationally fluent in Indonesian, but afforded him opportunities to travel extensively in the region, including trips to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. After completing his fellowship, Eli continued his work with youth via a conservation-based experiential education program on the island of Sulawesi, before he joined ARCC as a gap instructor in fall 2020. When not working for ARCC, Eli can be found dancing and listening to the singer Kate Bush. During quarantine, he even learned how to whittle wood!