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Katy Flinn

Born in Carrolton, Georgia, Katy attended college in Alabama, during which time she awakened a love for new cultures and traveling during her semesters abroad… Read More »Katy Flinn

John Lyon

John was raised just outside of Seattle, Washington, and has always been passionate about helping other folks see the value in getting outside. He grew… Read More »John Lyon

Jasmin Gonzalez

Originally from Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, Jasmin graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Global Environmental Change and Sustainability. As… Read More »Jasmin Gonzalez

Ethan Savel

Ethan hails from New Jersey, but his love for environmental sustainability and experiential education began during a junior year semester at the Mountain School in… Read More »Ethan Savel

Eli Fisher

Eli first found ARCC as a freshman in high school when he participated in ARCC’s Rocky Mountain Leadership Summer Program. His passion for the outdoors… Read More »Eli Fisher